The 3 Facebook Ad Metrics You Aren’t Looking At, But Should Be

One of the things that are so overwhelming about Facebook Ads is the data. SO. MUCH. DATA. It’s easy to get analysis paralysis if you aren’t careful. On the other hand, the overwhelming data can also cause advertisers to just stick to a few metrics they feel comfortable with, and not explore anything else. Usually, these […]

Top 15 Tools That Will Help You Create Better Content

On top of the exhaustive amount of content research you need to conduct, you also have to spend hours – if not days – into developing and polishing the content itself. Having the right skill set and tenacity is a good start. But if you really want to produce content that stands out from the competition, you […]

Google Lets Users Search Through Reviews of Business Listings

Google Maps for iOS has been updated with two new features. One is the ability to display estimated wait times for restaurants. The second is a search feature which lets users filter reviews and look up specific keywords. When viewing a restaurant listing on Google Maps the average wait time will be displayed within the […]

Instagram to Show More Recent Posts First

Instagram is moving away from its algorithmic feed and will start showing newer posts near the top. The company isn’t fully bringing back the chronological feed, though it will make a better effort to show users the most timely posts. In addition, Instagram will stop automatically refreshing the feed and bumping users back up to the […]

Instagram Adds Support for Hashtags & Profile Links in Bios

Instagram is now letting users insert links to hashtags and other profiles in their bio. Including hashtags and other profile names in an Instagram bio has always been common practice, but they would always show up as plain text. Now, using the characters ‘#’ or ‘@‘ in an Instagram bio will turn the text into […]

YouTube Makes it Easy to Live Stream from Desktops

YouTube is introducing an easier way to start a live stream from a desktop computer. Previously, live streaming from a computer was a multi-step process involving the use of an encoder. Now it’s as easy as clicking a button. YouTube users can start a live stream from their desktop browser by going to and […]