9 Essential Types of Webpages Every SEO Needs to Know

Editor’s note: This is a chapter from Search Engine Journal’s new e-book, SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization. Want to read the full guide? Download your copy of SEO 101 now! Before we get into the meat of this chapter, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: When it comes to SEO, every page […]

YouTube Analytics Demographics Report to Contain Less Data

YouTube content creators will soon notice that their YouTube Analytics demographics report contains less data. Changes are being made, the company says, to further protect the privacy of viewers. However, not all demographics data is being removed. Here is a summary of the upcoming changes: Creators can no longer filter demographics data by YouTube product. […]

Google Assistant Updated With Routines and Location-based Reminders

Google has announced plans to bring a series of updates to Google Assistant. These include two new core features, support for more languages, and deeper integrations with third-party devices. New Features In the coming weeks, Google Assistant will be updated with routines and location-based reminders. Routines are a customized series of events that are performed […]

Google: Structured Data Should Be Unique to Each Page

Google’s John Mueller says to avoid copying the same structured data onto multiple pages of a website. If a page needs to contain structured data at all, then it should be unique to that specific page. This advice came during a Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout where Mueller was asked the following question: “Can a […]

12 Ideas for More Engagement

In a world where people see thousands of messages at once – via Facebook, email, online ads, texts, and other outlets – it can be challenging to really grab their attention. It’s even more challenging to keep their attention. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to craft a solid, captivating message. The first and foremost […]

9 Things We Know for Sure

When we first started hearing about machine learning in the early 2010s, it seemed scary at first. But once it was explained to us (and we realized how technology is already being used to provide us with solutions), we started to get down to the practical questions: How are search engines using machine learning? How […]