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How to Get Your SEO Keyword Strategy Right: Basic & Advanced Tips

One of the foundations of any given SEO campaign is keyword research. Keyword research typically defines strategy and steers analysis, such as competitor and vertical analysis. A modern keyword strategy can no longer just take into account the words users type into a search box. Voice search is becoming an integral consideration of our keyword […]

Understanding the Modern SERPs & Why There’s More to Ranking #1

Rank tracking is an important part of showing your clients that their SEO investment is seeing a return. Ranking prominently on Page 1 leads to organic traffic – and traffic (if handled correctly) means leads. Leads are ultimately what matters to a business, so does it matter if the client is ranking in first position, […]

5 Technical SEO Problems Within Shopify & How to Solve Them

Back in August, I wrote an article looking at Magento SEO issues, and soon after a couple of business owners reached out asking about another popular e-commerce platform, Shopify. Shopify has been around since 2004 and in my experience is a great alternative platform for small businesses that don’t have developer skills or the capital […]

Yandex Introduces Turbo Pages for Publishers

Back in 2012, Yandex went Turbo and added Turbo mode to the YaBrowser (Yandex Browser). Yandex did this by incorporating load reducing compression technology (developed by Opera) to reduce the size of webpages by up to 75 percent on the server side without the need to transcode them. This meant that the browsing experiences of […]

Google’s Jagger Update Rocks Manipulative Link Building

Editor’s note: This post is part of an ongoing series looking back at the history of Google algorithm updates. Enjoy! In 2005 Google launched a series of algorithm updates, which became known as the Jagger Update, named like many others by Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld. The Stones are playing Vegas [ticketmaster.com] the week of PubCon and Matt Cutts […]

13 SEO Experts Share Their Tips for Newbies

Given that Google offers no formal SEO training or certifications and it’s not a widely covered topic at universities, a lot of people who enter SEO are self-taught and often fall into this line of work through their careers. I have met a lot of really great, and some not so great, SEOs and people […]