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How to Get Featured Snippets on Google: A Quick Start Guide

Google’s search features and SERPs are always evolving – and quickly. One such accelerated evolution is Google’s featured snippets. Since 2014, there has been clear impetus from Google to deliver featured snippet results for more queries. This enhanced visibility also comes with another benefit: higher organic click-through rates. Content that appears in the featured snippets […]

6 Ways to Master the Art of Visual Content Marketing

Just in case you’re not so sure about the urgent need to improve your brand’s visual content marketing, here are some facts. A Social Media Examiner report suggests that 74 percent of marketers already use visual content in their social media marketing efforts. A CMO Social report suggests that 93 percent of senior marketers believe […]

How to Create a Digital Marketing Predictive Analytics Model

Predictive analytics is the method of using historical and recent data to forecast future events, trends, and behaviors. In the context of marketing, predictive analytics involves the application of statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, and analytical queries to structured and unstructured data sets in order to create predictive models. These models make marketing planning easier […]

The Complete Guide to Test Your AMP Pages

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages – simply known as AMP – to make mobile web browsing faster. AMP allows you to rank higher in the mobile search results. However, only valid AMP pages are eligible to be displayed in the search results. Proper AMP testing is extremely crucial in order to remove any errors or warnings and […]