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How Long Does SEO Take?

Editor’s note: This is a chapter from Search Engine Journal’s new e-book, SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization. Want to read the full guide? Download your copy of SEO 101 now! While there are many questions about SEO, few are as difficult to answer as “How long does it take?” This is because, in addition […]

15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts

Link building is still a vital component of modern SEO. I think it’s fair to say that many SEO practitioners would agree that it’s one of the most difficult components because the days of easily building hundreds or thousands of effective links are long behind us. Earning high-quality links from trustworthy and authoritative websites — the […]

5 Dumb SEO Mistakes That Smart People Make

Mistakes happen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO) or have a ton experience. Some of the smartest people I know in the SEO industry have made dumb mistakes. To be clear: making a mistake doesn’t make you dumb. And dumb mistakes usually aren’t a reflection on the SEO practitioner. Everyone makes […]