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13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to Follow

For paid search, PPC, and digital advertising practitioners, there is no shortage of information for the newbie to seasoned expert. Platforms, technology, and consumer behaviors change rapidly. Thankfully, a slew of passionate industry experts are plugged-in to the latest and greatest PPC trends and releases so you can instantly gain the insights and advice you […]

5 Bad Habits to Break

A new year is a perfect time to break bad habits with your PPC account. Sure, there are plenty of shortcuts that can make things easier. Ultimately, though, we want to have a healthy PPC account: Utilizing all opportunities in the ad platforms. Serving best performing ads and keywords. Targeting the most relevant audiences with […]

5 Ways to Master Your PPC Budget in 2018

“What should we be budgeting for PPC advertising?” This is one of the most common questions marketers have been hearing as the new year approaches. To answer that question, let’s look at five PPC budgeting best practices that will put you on a path to budgeting success. 1. Spend the Allotted Budget Over the Year […]

6 AdWords & Bing Ads Secrets Every PPC Marketer Should Know

If you work in PPC, you’re probably always in search of great tips to improve performance or streamline management. Well, today I’ve got six great PPC tips for you. Read on to check out these awesome PPC secrets, insights, and wisdom from some of today’s top paid search experts. But first I want to share […]

2 New AdWords Features & 1 Awesome Strategy You Must Know

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for new AdWords features and ways to get ahead the competition. Even if you don’t geek-out on PPC marketing on a daily basis, it’s always important to keep up to date with what’s new and understand any significant changes so you can make the necessary changes […]