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Google Adds Markup For Telecommuting Positions in Job Postings

Google has added a new type of markup to its job postings guidelines, which will let publishers indicate that they have a telecommuting job available. When Google first introduced job posting markup, its recommendations for telecommuting jobs was to not include any location information except for country. Now Google’s recommendations for marking up telecommuting job […]

Instagram is Showing Users When a Screenshot of Their Story is Taken

Instagram is now letting users know when someone has taken a screenshot or screen recording of their story. Snapchat treats screenshots the same way, and the fact that Instagram didn’t was appealing to some users. chose insta stories over snapchat stories cos of the screenshot thing but…. whats this instagram pic.twitter.com/tOi2rP7cWb — 경자🐧❤️ (@dyomongi) February […]

YouTube Has Stricter Penalties for Channels That Spread “Widespread Harm”

YouTube has stated it will begin issuing stricter penalties, beyond its 3-strike system, when channels publish videos that could cause widespread harm. Without naming anything specific, YouTube says it has run into an increase of harmful videos which has prompted it to develop stronger deterrents. ”That damage can have real-world consequences not only to users, […]

31 Million Domains Have Adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Technology

In a look back at the state of AMP since launch, it was revealed there are now 31 million domains with AMP pages. Speed has resulted in an increase of revenue, with publishers on AMP earning three times more revenue per day in the past year alone. There are now 100 ad tech platforms supporting […]

Everything You Need to Know

Google, a company that has made a fortune from online advertising, now has an ad blocker built into its own Chrome browser. The internet giant wants to see fewer “annoying” ads on the web, and it’s taking some extreme measures to make that happen. This article will discuss Google’s plans for blocking ads on Chrome, […]

Google is Testing Instagram-like Stories in Search Results

Google is testing its own version of the stories feature popularized by apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Called AMP stories, this new format will allow publishers to post tap-through pieces that can be linked to from anywhere else on the web. That’s where AMP stories sets itself apart. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, where stories must […]

Facebook to Begin Measuring Post Reach Based on Actual Views

Facebook is making two updates to Page Insights, one of which will affect the way organic reach is calculated. Traditionally, reach for page posts has been calculated based on how many times a post has been loaded in the news feed. If a post was delivered in the news feed it would count as a […]

Google Image Search to Make Copyright Disclaimers More Visible

Google will be updating its image search results to make copyright disclaimers more prominent. In addition, Google will be removing direct links to the URLs of copyrighted images. These changes were announced as part of a newly-formed partnership between Google and Getty Images. The deal includes a multi-year global licensing partnership, which will allow Google […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Now Has a Social Login Option

Bing Webmaster Tools has expanded its login capabilities with a social login option. This is being rolled out today to site owners in the US. Social login is said to be one of the top requested features for Bing Webmaster Tools. It enables users to sign-in with their Facebook or Google account. This is an […]

Organic Search Sees Largest Growth Rate in Over 2 Years [REPORT]

Organic search just saw its strongest visit growth in over 2 years, according to Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q4 2017. Total site visits driven by organic search were up 6% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2017, which is said to be the strongest rate of growth since 2015. Even desktop organic search visits […]