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John Mueller Offers Surprising News Why Google Crawls Non-Existent Pages

In a Webmaster Central Hangout, Google’s John Mueller discussed the reasons why Google crawls non-existent pages and what that meant for your crawl budget. Web publishers would like to see Google crawling existing pages. It seems a waste of time for Google to crawl pages that don’t exist. A web publisher asked whether they should […]

Google “People Also Search” Feature Updated

Google has updated the “People Also Searched For” function in the search engine results page. Previously it used to show at the bottom of Google’s SERPs. Now it’s showing up in other places after it is triggered by a click back from an unsatisfactory search result. But what’s really interesting is that the People Also […]

Google Announces Two Major Changes to Image Search

Google officially announced major changes to how image search functions. The announcement was made on Twitter by Danny Sullivan’s Twitter alias, @searchliaison.  There are two changes. The first change is to remove Google’s “view image” button. The second change is to remove the “search by image” button. The impact to web publishers is expected to be […]

Facebook Discusses 4 Parts of their News Feed Algorithm

Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships, and Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of News Feed were recently interviewed at an event where the conversation turned to the algorithm.  Adam Mosseri discussed elements of how the news feed algorithm works. He offered interesting clues as to how the algorithm chooses what feeds to promote to the […]

Google Engineer Lists 4 Powerful Reasons Why Sites Should Upgrade to HTTPS

Over the weekend a Google engineer on Google’s Chrome development team made a powerful statement on Twitter listing four reasons why HTTPS is important to all web publishers and their site visitors. The Googler, Adrienne Porter Felt, is a software engineer and manager on the Google Chrome Security Team and is an authoritative voice on […]

When a Google Penalty is Really a Bad Case of Pop SEO

There’s a hypothesis making the rounds of Facebook groups and blogs about what they say is a Google penalty called the Content Cannibalization Penalty. The case studies are very real and the solution of trimming similar content often works. But does this mean the hypothesis is real? Does knowing the real reason why a page […]

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon

Google has announced a deadline of July 2018 as the date for when Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure.   Over 50% of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome,meaning this change may have a significant impact on web publishers. A prominent warning may affect how secure users feel and may cause some visitors […]

Bing Adds Sentiment Analysis to Search – Google Said to Be Next

In a blog post titled, Toward a More Intelligent Search: Bing Multi-Perspective Answers, Bing announced they are now incorporating a technology often referred to as sentiment analysis into their version of what Google calls Featured Snippets. Sentiment Analysis is the ability to understand whether content has a negative or positive sentiment. The implications of how […]

Google Releases an SEO Tool that Measures 10 SEO Metrics

Google’s Webmaster Central announced an SEO Audit category to their Chrome Lighthouse developers extension. Should you get excited? The plugin is deceptively basic. However, it’s worth a look because if some of the factors the plugin measures correlate to actual ranking factors, then it may be worthwhile to add this to your SEO toolbox. The […]

Google Clarifies How Much Structured Data is Enough

In a Google Webmaster Central Hangout, John Mueller offers useful advice on the proper use of Schema.org structured data, notes differences between available options at Schema.org versus what Google uses for display purposes then  finishes with an interesting statement about how Google might use structured data to understand entities better. Possible to Use Too Much […]